This is my personal music project. I composed this album note by note using Myriad Software's Melody Assistant. It's instrumental and contains no vocals at all. This composition has nothing to do with guitars. It has nothing to do with Tolkien tales, I got inspiration from the good old War Craft.
  1. Tales from enchanted lands
  2. Forgotten forest
  3. Tales from enchanted lands Part II

Tales from enchanted lands

I don't recommend separate listening. If you're going to listen, download and listen all tracks. Of course try first some samples. I recommend tracks 2, 8, 13, 15, and 16 but of course you make your own mind.
Tales from enchanted lands - CD
##NameLengthDownload full songs
01March of the Orcs1:25Low quality High quality
02Human encounter3:36Low quality
03Fallen Hero1:10Low quality
04Flee & chase0:55Low quality
05Ambush2:08Low quality
06Wizard's Observer0:48Low quality
07The King0:34Low quality
08Vengeance3:21Low quality
09Spell of the Dark Witch1:52Low quality
10Lost1:20Low quality
11Scout1:52Low quality
12Mystery Forest1:00Low quality
13Forest Troll's Trap2:28Low quality
14Elvish help0:40Low quality
15Out in the plains3:10Low quality
16Stranger4:51Low quality
17Fallen Bridge1:58Low quality
18Valley of Death3:01Low quality
19Divide1:58Low quality
20Dwarven Aircraft1:39Low quality
21Frosty Mountains3:14Low quality
22Last March of Hope2:14Low quality
23The Battle6:48Low quality

Forgotten forest

The following product is combined of the b-sides of the first album. About 30 procent of the material was composed at the end of year 2007. Mixing and dynamics are somehow different comparing to the first album. Like it or not...
Forgotten forest - CD
##NameLengthDownload full songs
01Beauty of the Woods1:22High quality
02Sneaking in the dark deeps1:48High quality
03Story of the Guard1:22High quality
04Elven Kingdom
*March of the Trolls
3:44High quality

Tales From Enchanted Lands Part II

The following product is written mostly back in 2008. Couple of songs between 2009 and 2019. I know there's propably a lot of mistakes more than in the part one but I wanted to stay true to my ten years younger self and not to try to correct or alter this album if I could avoid it. So here it is pretty much in the condition I intented it in 2008 although with a better quality samples :).
You can find the album here:
Tales From Enchanted Lands Part II - CD
01Marching Out From The Darkness02:26
02The Summoning03:03
03Plans Of War01:27
04Marching On01:25
07A Whisper In The Wind00:42
08Sad News02:15
09Cry For Help02:07
10Answer To Call02:27
11The Gathering01:19
12The Enemy Ahead02:28
13Call To Arms01:00
14The Great Battle06:22
15The Silence01:29
16The Last Knight01:10
18The Fallen One04:12
20The Spell01:30
21A New Beginning01:04
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