My guitar building hobby started over ten years ago and while these first models are old and someway extra-ordinary, colossal, and strange, some of them are still very much playable and in use. And as you can see I'm not a professional carpenter or was when I was 18 years old. I've built more guitars in past years and modded some of guitars I've bought. Hopefully I will add more info about them later.
While I don't have yet detailed info about my latest guitars you can see a couple of quick demos (if you don't mind my shitty playing) in my Youtube channel: and Both have my DIY pickups in them.
  1. OKCUSTOMAV (2004)
  2. OKCUSTOMMB (2005)
  3. OKCUSTOMTW (2006)


Pickups: my custom wound single coil in the neck position and my custom wound humbucker (14k) in the bridge position
Bridge and tailpiece: Gotoh Les Paul
Machine heads: Gotoh
Saddle: Bone
Body: Fir, (PU finish)
Neck: Oak, (PU finish)
Fretboard: Oak, (PU finish), 26 frets
Inlay: Dot
Scale: 64cm
Joint: Bolt-On
Hardware: Goldplated
Controls: Volume for both pickups and master volume
Strings: DR .010-.056 Paintjob: None (Original Wood)
Length: 137cm from headstock to the end of the wing
Weight: 5kg
Costs: A bit over 300 euros
First guitar I have made. Sound is good. Good sustain. Nearly (without amp) as loud as semi-acoustic guitar The neck is about 3 cm thick (Including the fretboard), but for me it was easier to play, nowdays it feels kinda nice too although my preferences have changed over the years. Truss rod is 1cm x 1cm iron (not steel)

I added two more frets (2005)
Brigde-pickup (Skypickup) changed to Humbucker 57 (2006) Pickups changed to DIY ones (2017)

You can hear this guitar (with DIY pickups) on right channel in Bandcamp
For years this has been mostly in E tuning, sometimes D and even C#. For now I've been keeping it in Drop-B. I'm not going to do anymore modifications to this guitar except maybe change tuners to locking ones someday.


Pickups: Bridge pickups from old Telecasters (2)
Bridge and tailpiece: DR Les Paul
Machine heads: Schaller
Saddle: Bone
Body: Oak
Neck: Mahogany (Khaya), (PU finish)
Fretboard: Teak, (PU finish), 26 jumbo frets
Inlay: Triangle
Scale: 65cm
Joint: Bolt-On
Hardware: Chrome
Controls: Volume for both pickups and master volume
Strings: D'addario .008
Paintjob: Body is painted (black, metallic glow), neck and fretboard: none
Length: 111,5cm from headstock to the end of the wing
Weight: 5kg
Cost: Under 300 euros
The neck is about 4 cm thick (Including the fretboard), Truss rod is 1cm x 1cm iron (not steel) This is really a HEAVY guitar :)

Bridge-pickup replaced with minihumbucker. (2006)

Although this is very heavy guitar it feels kinda smooth to play. Anyway I plan to thinner the neck in the future to suit my current preferences. Also I'm going to remake the saddle.


Pickups: 2 Humbucking Pickups
Bridge and tailpiece: Floyd Rose Licensed Tremolo System (7-string)
Saddle: Metal (locking)
Body: Mahogany (Khaya), (PU finish)
Neck: Maple
Fretboard: Rosewood, 24 frets
Inlay: Dot
Scale: 64.8cm
Joint: Bolt-On
Hardware: Black
Controls: Master volume and 3 way switch
Strings: Ernie Ball (Skinny top heavy bottom custom gauge) and D'addario's .008 as the high G (Guitar is detuned to D)
Paintjob: None (Original Wood), Headstock is painted black
Length: 114cm from headstock to the end of the wing
Weight: 3.7kg
Costs: A bit over 200 euros
I wanted to build a guitar with floyd rose style tremolo. And I did. It has 7 strings but I'm getting used to it. The neck is not done by me. The neck is actually really nice to play.

In the future I plan to make custom pickups for this guitar too.